With constant improvements in high-rise construction, elevators and all conveying systems must be more comfortable and reliable than ever.
We at LEMEX meet these demands and offer a unique elevator control system.
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MAG-PAJ. Suitable for Mid. and High rise Buildings

  • Direct to Floor Landing  DFL 
  • Speed up to 8m/s
  • Serial Data Transmission for Car and landings, better performance and minimum cabling 
  • Redundant Processor Operation and Redundant Safety Inputs in Accordance with ANSI.
  • Built in LCD monitoring screen in Machine room.
  • Remote data logging and Diagnostic.
  • No reset to lower floor in case of power failure.
  • Group Control up to 8 lifts.
  • A.I. ESM (Artificial Intelligence Energy Saving Mode) 
  • Nuisance Call canceling.
  • Double click to cancel any car call.
  • Independent Car operation.
  • Earth quake Input(optional). 
  • Door Nudging Control with Audible sound.
  • VIP access code for restricted floors.
  • Fire Operation according to En81, BS & ANSI.
  • +/- 1mm leveling accuracy.
  • Optical isolated wave coded inputs.
  • Immunity against EMI and RFI.
  • 24 Vdc custom made Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS) for all electronic boards with input voltage range 80-280vac, to provide maximum protection against fluctuating mains voltage.
  • Power failure rescue connection to Single Phase UPS Single, three phase UPS or Direct DC from batteries.
  • Available for MR & MRL installations.

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LEMEX MSV1.5 Suitable for low to mid rise buildings, with built in self Diagnosis hardware function
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With built to last products, LEMEX offers all Electronics related elevator and escalator parts.
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